Fall Homebrew Crawl

October 19th 2019

Proudly hosting our semi-annual crawl on
Sat Oct 19th 2019

This event is put on by the club members in which we invite friends and anyone who enjoys beer to attend. We showcase our beers and invite you to drink with us. There is always incredible food as well! We had custom glasses made for this event which will have our logo on them. We are selling the glass for $10. With the purchase of the glass, you will be able to attend the event and sample all of the homebrews free of charge.

This event will feature 4 houses, representing a significant number of brewers with multiple beers on tap/in growlers as well as a food truck! The Bunkhouse Food Trailer bbq will be serving at this event. It will start at 2pm on Oct 19th 2019. SPACE IS LIMITED. If you are interested and need further details please send an e-mail to info@backcountryhomebrew.com

We have setup a paypal account to track the tickets and make payment easy. You can click on the below paypal to purchase your ticket.